WHYTE Series 9 Multiswitch 9×32 (WM932)

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9 In 32 Out c/w Output Earth Bars Only

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WHYTE Series 9 Multiswitch 9×32 (WM932)


Whyte Series 9 32-Way Standalone Multiswitch is a range of 9 wire line powered Cascading Multiswitches. This range comes fitted with Pro-tap Technology. Developed by Whyte Technologies, a Pro-Tap is an in-built “Protean Tap” which enables the installer to easily select input tap losses of 0-10dB or -20dB, whilst still maintaining a trunk through loss of only 4dB. IRS System pre-planning is virtually not required as tap loss settings are selected at the commissioning stage.



  • Gain Control on all inputs
  • Comes with earth bars fitted
  • SAT Gain 10dB / TERR Gain 8dB
  • Colour coded inputs & outputs
  • Line Powered cascading Multiswitch
  • Switchable 12V DC Supply to Terr Input
  • LED Power indicator & Inbuilt LTE filter
  • Uses receiver power to reduce demands on PSU
  • Use As standalone when powered with a Whyte PSU
  • Separate SAT & TERR Pro-Taps for ease of installation
  • Comes with 9 F-Type couplers for easy connection to all Series 9 products
  • Use Whyte Series 9 Launch Amplifiers & Splitters to build large scale IRS Systems


Seria 9 Multiswitch Manual

Seria 9 Multiswitch Specification