WHYTE Series 5 2 Way Splitter 5dB Loss (WS52-05)

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5 In 5+5 Out

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WHYTE Series 5 2 Way Splitter 5dB Loss (WS52-05)


The Whyte Series 5 Multiswitch range is universally flexible and is designed to be used in small, medium to large Integrated Reception Systems (IRS). Whyte Multiswitches can be used as Standalone Multiswitches when powered directly via the 18V Auxiliary input by using a Whyte 0.8A Power Supply Unit (WPSU-0.8A).


Whyte Series 5 Taps & Splitters are a range of 5 wire passive devices that distribute SAT and Terrestrial Signals. The range includes 1 way, 2 way and 3 way Taps with either a 10dB or 20dB tap off and a 2 way Splitter. For ease of installation, each Tap comes complete with a set of high quality colour coded 600mm F-type leads which enables the Multiswitches to be positioned either side of the Tap and to be orientated vertically or horizontally depending on available space.



  • Inbuilt LTE filter
  • LED power indicator
  • Colour coded inputs and outputs
  • Tap outputs on top of unit for easy access
  • Auxiliary 18V Input injects power to HL & HH trunk cables
  • Whyte Taps, Splitters and Multiswitches can be used to configure Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) to suit your application


Seria 5 Splitters Manual

Seria 5 Splitters Specification