Electric Floor Heating Smart Thermostat Kit – Heatmiser neoKit-e

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Heatmiser neoStat-e V2 – Electric Floor Heating Thermostat

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Electric Floor Heating Smart Thermostat Kit – Heatmiser neoKit-e


3 Years Warranty


The Heatmiser neoKit-e includes a neoStat-e V2 and neoHub Gen 2, giving you app control of your electric floor heating.


Suitable for those with

  • Electric Floor Heating
  • Compatible with 10K, 12K, 15K NTC Floor Probes
  • Wireless Air Sensor & Door Contact Function – neoHub required


When paired to the neoHub, you can use the wireless air sensor to measure the temperate remotely from the neoStat or to take an average temperature in a larger room. You can also have the heating turn off whenever a window or door is opened with the use of the door contact switch.


Key Features

  • Geo-Location Facility Automatically turn your heating off when you leave home.
  • UK/Euro/Australian Adaptor Included
  • Flexible Programming: Your neoStat can be setup to work in weekday/weekend, 7 day or 24 hour programming mode.
  • Comfortable Temperature: 4 or 6 Comfort levels per day can be programmed
  • Easy Away – Turning your heating off with our simple Away Feature
  • Convenient Profiles – Quickly switch the active program.

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